Motorcycle Tank and Fender Paintless Dent Removal

Dent Dynamics can take the dents out and put the factory quality look back in every time.
Utilizing patience and skill, Daniel can remove the dents from most motorcycle gas tanks.
Bring your damaged motorcycle tank or fender to our location at: 1945 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa CA 95401 to have us assess and repair the dents on the spot. If you are located outside of the area, please follow the directions below:

5 easy steps to have us remotely repair your damaged motorcycle tank or fender:

1. Dent Inquiry Form

Go to our Dent Inquiry Form for an estimate.

2. Fill it out with Photos

Make sure you watch the video and pay special attention to WHICH photos we need and HOW to take them. We get hundreds of these per month – submitting bad pictures can delay your project.

3. Job Approval/Estimate

We’ll approve the job based on the photos we receive and a possible phone conversation with you.

4. Mail Us Your Tank or Fender

Mail us your motorcycle tank or fender for repair. We suggest you have it professionally packed and insured for shipping. Note: The smaller the package, the less your shipping costs will be. shipping

5. Repair and Return

We’ll repair the tank and/or fender and send it back to you, fully insured, in the original package it was shipped in.

When Only the BEST is Required…

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal (MPDR) is the new frontier of the PDR world and was once thought impossible to do. Until NOW… sigseries Click on image to review and purchase tool set. ¬† Daniel Gromm, in addition to being a PDR expert, is also an inventor and mechanical designer. Daniel has designed his own exclusive line of PDR Tools called the Daniel Gromm Signature Series which are available for sale through Ultra Dent Tools. From his many years of experience, Daniel has come to understand what is needed to access the trickiest and least accessible dents from a motorcycle gas tank and has developed a complete set of tools that feature removable tips that adapt to each dent along with adjustable handles that make the PDR job easier.

Introducing the Gromm Motorcycle PDR Tank Vice

tankvice After 2 years of development, Daniel has created a specialized motorcycle tank vice to better serve his motorcycle PDR customers and their needs. Understanding the dynamics of the proper leverage and pressure applications necessary for the thicker metals of most motorcycle gas tanks and fenders, Daniel set out to invent the world’s first Motorcycle PDR Tank Vice to handle the growing needs of the motorcycling community. “Today,” says Daniel, “Dent Dynamics receives gas tanks in need of dent repair from all over the United States. It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to fix something that, prior to my MPDR Tank Vice invention, was un-fixable.” viceparts

Daniel Gromm, owner of Dent Dynamics, has over 15 years experience in the art of Paintless Dent Removal.