The professionals at Dent Dynamics can remove large and small dents from all makes and models of cars & trucks.

Dent Dynamics and Auto Sport Detailing offer expert Paintless Dent Removal, Detailing, Glass Repair & Replacement and Window Tinting on all cars, trucks and motorcycles.

To All Who Love Their Cars and Motorcycles…

Since 1993 we have been providing the highest quality Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in Sonoma County and operating the only PDR shop in Santa Rosa for most of those years. We enjoy an outstanding reputation served by our highly skilled and certified PDR technicians that can remove those unsightly door dings and dents from your car or motorcylce while maintaining it’s original factory finish and preserving it’s value.

Utilizing the latest technology and tools, the skilled metal “artisans” at Dent Dynamics in Santa Rosa, CA can quickly remove many dents without repainting, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional body repair. PDR is becoming more widely used, largely because the size of dent that can be repaired has increased over the last few years. Daniel Gromm, the founder of Dent Dynamics PDR in Santa Rosa, CA, explains: “We have developed specific techniques and equipment to repair a dent the size of a football , and just a few years ago we were only repairing dents the size of a baseball.” The widespread use of resilient metal and base/clear coat paint finishes has allowed PDR to become a viable alternative to traditional body repair techniques. So much so, that some insurance companies will even waive the deductible if PDR is chosen over more traditional techniques. All new car owners dread their car’s first dent. No matter how it happens, or where you park, the first dent can make you feel that your car will never be the same again. Or will it? Many dents can now be removed without a trace, providing the work is performed by a skilled technician with proper equipment.

Free Estimates – Our Repairs Start at $110.00

Fast convenient service allows for us to accomplish repairs at our shop while you wait. Most repairs can be accomplished in about an hour. We offer free wi-fi and TV, or you can walk next door to Coddingtown Mall to shop or grab a bite to eat while your car is being worked on.

Independently owned and operated, our reputation for being experts in the field of PDR is our business. We routinely save our customers hundreds of dollars over conventional body-shop repairs and often return the car or motorcycle back looking better than new.

Leased Car Turn-In Inspection

Vehicle leasing has become a popular alternative to purchasing. But what happens if you have minor damage when you’re due to turn the car back into the dealer? Unfortunately, most people take no action and will eventually receive a bill for the repairs from the leasing company. The worst part is you have no ability to dispute the charges or shop for repair alternatives and no recourse, until now. Dent Dynamics will perform a complete lease-end inspection of your car prior to turn-in. As part of the inspection Dent Dynamics will inspect the car for any exterior damage, take digital photos and provide you with a comprehensive report. If repairs are needed we will work with you to minimize the cost.

The professionals at Dent Dynamics can remove large and small dents from most makes and models of motorcycles.

We provide a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every job we perform.

The Paintless Dent Removal technique has developed to the point that dings and dents can be removed with the original paint completely intact. New tool designs provide better access as well as the ability to do large dents. Consumer awareness of PDR is growing and paintless dent removal has become widely used over the past decade by car dealers, body shops, rental agencies and auctions to prepare vehicles for resale.

Having performed paintless dent removal on thousands of cars, trucks and motorcycles, Daniel Gromm is not only an expert in the art of PDR but is also keenly aware of how most of the vehicles on the road today are built and what they actually require when it comes to removing dents. There are hundreds of different access ports, panels and areas they need to utilize in order to perform their PDR magic. When estimating a job, everyone at Dent Dynamics takes the time and care necessary to get your dents removed and get you quickly and safely back on the road for as little as $110.00, and always with a smile. Come in today and discover how simple and fast it is to remove those unsightly dents. You’ll be glad you did!


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If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results of your repair, we will not charge you for our services.


glassAUTO & TRUCK GLASS REPAIR: Rock chip repair can save your windshield from complete replacement and will lessen the chances of your chip spreading to a larger chip or crack. Our technician has over 30 years of repairing rock chips in Sonoma County.

AUTO & TRUCK GLASS REPLACEMENT: Glass replacement at Dent Dynamics is done using the highest quality OEM glass whenever possible or factory quality replacements. Our certified technicians are experts in their field and we accept most all major insurance companies.


tintWINDOW TINTING SERVICES: All window tint used by Dent Dynamics is backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty. We use only the highest quality tint film. Window tinting will keep your car cooler on hot days. Window tinting will protect the interior of your car from harmful U.V. Rays. Window tinting will reduce glare from the sun and diminish bright headlights behind you at night. Window tinting will make it harder for thieves to see valuables left in your car. Ask us about all the benefits of having your windows tinted today!

Working alongside Dent Dynamics at the same location, is Santa Rosa’s Finest Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Detail Shop: AutoSport Detailing. Working closely together with Daniel Gromma, Quinn Barri and his crew of expert detailers offer many detail packages and a load of extra services to help you keep your various rides looking showroom new.

When Only the BEST is Required…

Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal (MPDR) is the new frontier of the PDR world and was once thought impossible to do. Until NOW…

Daniel Gromm, in addition to being a PDR expert, is also an inventor and mechanical designer. Daniel has designed his own exclusive line of PDR Tools called the Daniel Gromm Signature Series which are available for sale through Ultra Dent Tools. From his many years of experience, Daniel has come to understand what is needed to access the trickiest and least accessible dents from a motorcycle gas tank and has developed a complete set of tools that feature removable tips that adapt to each dent along with adjustable handles that make the PDR job easier.

Introducing the Gromm Motorcycle PDR Tank Vice

After 2 years of development, Daniel has created a specialized motorcycle tank vice to better serve his motorcycle PDR customers and their needs. Understanding the dynamics of the proper leverage and pressure applications necessary for the thicker metals of most motorcycle gas tanks and fenders, Daniel set out to invent the world’s first Motorcycle PDR Tank Vice to handle the growing needs of the motorcycling community. “Today,” says Daniel, “Dent Dynamics receives gas tanks in need of dent repair from all over the United States. It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to fix something that, prior to my MPDR Tank Vice invention, was un-fixable.”

Dent Dynamics and Auto Sport Detailing at 1945 Cleveland Ave, just 1 block south of the Coddingtown Shopping Center.

Dent Dynamics has years of repairing Hail damage car using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the insurance-approved and -recommended method of repair for vehicles that have been damaged by hailstorms. From a Dents Dynamics hail damage repair service, you can expect

• A careful Estimate of your car’s damage
• The seamless repair of your car’s exterior to pre-hailstorm perfection
• Quality-assured service to your vehicle

Saving you time and money.